Saturday, May 28, 2016

Iris and her escapades

Iris is a 15 week old American Pitbull puppy. She came to use with very little use of her rear legs and infested with the parasite coccidia. We took her to Seven Oaks Veterinary Clinic in Plymouth, IN where they took 9 x-rays and placed her on medications to decrease inflammation and the intestinal parasite problem.
The x-rays revealed that her cervical vertebrae are compressed as well as a few of her lumbar vertebrae. Since that appeared to be the cause of her semi-paralysis, we made an appointment at NIVES in Fort Wayne, IN to see if she would be a surgical candidate.
Once the specialty doctor on duty saw her x-rays, he did not feel she was a candidate for surgery and that she may have neospora or toxoplasmosis. Both tests were negative.
So, in addition to the visit to NIVES, we authorized a blood draw for the aforementioned parasites. Her bill was a hefty $663. With donations from around the states we were able to pay the bill off quickly.

We are taking Iris back to Seven Oaks to possibly treat her for Neospora anyway since she does have such a high level of coccidia in her system.

Unbeknownst to us, another dog was about to come in with even more difficulties!