Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bambina crosses the Rainbow Bridge

   Bambina has crossed the rainbow bridge. A freak accident this weekend took her young life. Her family is grieving as well as myself. I have not stopped crying, but for a few moments.
  Bambi was a very special fur baby. She did not like small dogs, dogs in her face, cats, or birds (especially ducks). Her prey drive was very high. A few months ago Bambi met her Forever Home 'mom' and everyone saw the instant bond of emotion and communication. Bambi's mom jumped right in and began extensive training with Bambi so that she could interact with others and go many places with her.
  While Bambi's mom was away, the accident occurred. Becca never got to say goodbye to Bambi. The passing away of a foster is always hard, but unexpected deaths are so traumatizing to the heart and soul.
  Rest in Peace Bambina. Play and snuggle with Becca's brother, my Sasha and Gunner, and all the others that are waiting at the rainbow bridge.