D.R.E.A.M.P.A.W.S is determined to find the perfect pet for every family.  To ensure the success of our adoptions, we have created an adoption procedure that ensures both pet and adopters are a perfect match! Here are the steps in our adoption procedure:
  • Fill out application  - Available online here
  • We will evaluate your application and call your references.
  • We will complete a home visit and will bring the pet(s) in which you are interested.
  • A two week trial period is started when the pet arrives and if all goes well, you and your pet will live happily ever after. 

Adoption Fee: $200

Includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, de-worming, collar, leash, training harness, microchip and heartworm testing. 

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Hello! My name is Sienna. I am almost 3 years 
old and I am a Staffordshire terrier/Australian Shepherd/Boxer
 mix. I LOVE to go on walks with my humansMy second 
favorite thing to do is to sleep with my human. I like to cuddle
 and burrow under the blankets until I get too hot. I have a moderate amount of 
energy that I hope to share with you!
Compatible with:
Dogs: No
Cats: YES, cats who ignore dogs
Children: Yes, any age

Adoptable and Adorable!

Hiya. My name is Alfie. I am 2 Years and 4 months old, and I am a black and tan Coonhound. I was taken in as a stray and my foster mom isn't sure what happened before. I can only go to a home with another dog. I am very afraid of construction equipment, strong winds,hammers banging, and even people- all when I am not with another dog. I LOVE to go to the dog park and play. I also love to play with squeaky toys and balls. When I am in my crate, I like to be left alone with my blanket. I really hope to be adopted by loving parents will provide me with a canine companion. 
** I do resource guard whomever I am sleeping with (especially women and children). My foster mom and dad can give you ideas on how to prevent that.
Compatible with:
Dogs: Yes
Cats: NO
Children: Ye



I may be 10 years old, but I have the Boxer and Rhodesian Ridgeback genes!  I run at the dog park a minimum of 4 times around the perimeter. I just LOVE running!!  My foster mom says a fenced-in yard is a must.
I am really good with female dogs, children, and cats!