Sunday, June 12, 2016


I KNEW we would find the right family :-)  She has chosen Dawn and Dennis to be her Forever Family.  She will have SO much fun traveling up into Michigan and all over Indiana.

Way to go Bree <3 p="">

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Faith Update

Faith is back home with Dan and Carolyn :-)  She runs and plays like nothing happened, BUT she is still a bit weak in the hind end and falls periodically. She also is exhibiting some separation anxiety (mild at this point).

We are still in need of donations to help pay off her bill at Veterinary Advanced Care in Fishers, IN. You may donate directly to her bill at 317-578-4100 or the PayPal button on our home page.
$2900 remaining.

Thank you to the many that have donated towards this bill and helped pay off her bill at NIVES in Fort Wayne, IN.

Upcoming events with fundraisers:
June 11th TSC in Niles, MI from 10am to 2pm
August 18th Auction at VFW in Edwardsburg, MI 5:30pm to 9PM

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Faith: You Gotta Have Faith!

Faith, came to us as a stray JUST after Iris' diagnosis and veterinary visit. Faith began having grande mal seizures one morning and even after her local veterinary visit, they just wouldn't stop! Off to NIVES in Fort Wayne, IN this time with Faith. After staying there and racking up a bill over $1,000, her seizures still continued. The decision was made to drive Faith down to VAC in Fishers, IN.

VAC has an MRI as well as two fantastic neurologists on staff. Faith's MRI revealed a small bright spot, but an area which commonly is inflamed after cluster seizures. Blood tests were drawn to see if there was a parasitic reason for her seizures. Her blood tests came back normal.  The neurologists decided to place Faith under a heavy dose of midazolam (similar to Valium) to quiet her brain. After 3 days, her seizures slowed and stopped.

Faith returned to her foster home today with phenobarbital and Keppra on board to help her through her next stage of recovery. She does not have full use of her muscles yet and falls frequently. Dr. Cross stated that this may take a few weeks (more than 3) to come under control.

The bill at VAC: $3,000

Iris and her escapades

Iris is a 15 week old American Pitbull puppy. She came to use with very little use of her rear legs and infested with the parasite coccidia. We took her to Seven Oaks Veterinary Clinic in Plymouth, IN where they took 9 x-rays and placed her on medications to decrease inflammation and the intestinal parasite problem.
The x-rays revealed that her cervical vertebrae are compressed as well as a few of her lumbar vertebrae. Since that appeared to be the cause of her semi-paralysis, we made an appointment at NIVES in Fort Wayne, IN to see if she would be a surgical candidate.
Once the specialty doctor on duty saw her x-rays, he did not feel she was a candidate for surgery and that she may have neospora or toxoplasmosis. Both tests were negative.
So, in addition to the visit to NIVES, we authorized a blood draw for the aforementioned parasites. Her bill was a hefty $663. With donations from around the states we were able to pay the bill off quickly.

We are taking Iris back to Seven Oaks to possibly treat her for Neospora anyway since she does have such a high level of coccidia in her system.

Unbeknownst to us, another dog was about to come in with even more difficulties!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Welcome to Dream Paws, Sapphire

Welcome to our newest addition in Dream Paws, Sapphire! She is about 3 months old and will hopefully be available for adoption in a month. She is a Jack Russel Terrier mix.

Monday, February 8, 2016


Testing the form now!  Hopefully, it is all online and this is a GO :-)  May 21st, 2016 our FIRST 5K: DOG-FRIENDLY!!!!

Woo hooo :-)

Ann and the Doberman Crew

Sunday, February 7, 2016


MSD is offering another group event for individuals with friendly canine companions to explore a series of various canine activities!
LOCATION: Joshica's Planet Canine; 4411 Wyland Dr.; Elkhart, IN
DATE: Sunday February 28th
TIME: 1pm to 3pm
COST: $10 per dog

Event this month to include:
Flyball focus; learn the swimmer's turn
Disc Dog: Introduction plus some moves
Freestyle Dance: Spin and shaping

Given time more exercises will be available