Saturday, September 29, 2012

Isis the Bloodhound and Helios the Golden mix: SAFE!

Isis  and Helios both came from the Pike County Animal Shelter in Ohio.  Sadly, this shelter is like so many in that they have very little room.  When they run out of room, adopters, and rescues, well...  they make room the only way they can.  This shelter is so small, that the staff doesn't even take in cats. 
On our trip to Pike County to pick up some puppies and McTavish (the Chinese Crested), we also transported Isis and Helios to their rescues!!!  What a full truck. We made it back home safely after getting a late start back (okay, I admit, I missed the exit going towards Ohio!).

This is just one shelter we work closely with.  The others are South Bend Animal Care and Control (on Facebook; South Bend, IN) and Shelby County Animal Shelter Shelbyville, KY.

Making Dreams Come True!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Mario and Kelly passed their TDI (Therapy Dog) test Saturday.   Happy, happy, joy, joy!! We are so proud of you.