Friday, October 31, 2014

What a gorgeous and courageous girl Chloe is!  She LOVES playing and has found the enjoyment of fallen leaves :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

UPDATE: Chloe the Border Collie

Chloe is participating in some intense physical therapy. X-rays revealed that both rear legs are dislocated. Being dislocated for such an extended period of time allows the leg to form tissue around the joint.
The best case scenario would be one in which the physical therapy can allow her to move her hocks more normally and then surgery to place one or both femurs back in the pelvic bone.

Updates coming soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chloe the Border Collie :-)

How do you get a paralyzed pup from the middle of OH to IL with only a couple of days to plan? How do you do this with all volunteers and out of pocket expense??  Email, phone calls, text messages, Facebook, and general word of mouth!

Back in April, a young Border Collie pup was thrown from a car. The good samaritan that saved her did not have the funds to have X-rays completed, but just the basics to keep Chloe alive.

As October approached, the good samaritan realized she, herself needed surgery and would not be able to keep Chloe.  This is where rescue comes in.

From our wonderful foster family in Chillicothe, OH (Melina and Sherry Smith) to us, to Midwest Border Collie Rescue, to previous adopters, and messages across the midwest, Chloe was able to be placed in South Bend for her overnight stay within a few days.

Darin Hostetler, a previous adopter, received the request to help Chloe via text message. He immediately went to his calendar and saw that Thursday would work for transport to South Bend. How?  Darin is form Michigan.  Darin volunteered to pilot his plane to OH and then on to IN for Chloe!  He even had a co-pilot and a veterinarian on board to help out if needed.

Once in South Bend, Chloe will stay overnight at Ann and Gary Missad's home. In the morning, Chloe will travel with them to meet her new foster mom (Jackie from Midwest Border Collie Rescue) in Hammond, IN. From there, Chloe will travel to northern IL for a vet appointment at 3pm.