Saturday, May 28, 2016

Faith: You Gotta Have Faith!

Faith, came to us as a stray JUST after Iris' diagnosis and veterinary visit. Faith began having grande mal seizures one morning and even after her local veterinary visit, they just wouldn't stop! Off to NIVES in Fort Wayne, IN this time with Faith. After staying there and racking up a bill over $1,000, her seizures still continued. The decision was made to drive Faith down to VAC in Fishers, IN.

VAC has an MRI as well as two fantastic neurologists on staff. Faith's MRI revealed a small bright spot, but an area which commonly is inflamed after cluster seizures. Blood tests were drawn to see if there was a parasitic reason for her seizures. Her blood tests came back normal.  The neurologists decided to place Faith under a heavy dose of midazolam (similar to Valium) to quiet her brain. After 3 days, her seizures slowed and stopped.

Faith returned to her foster home today with phenobarbital and Keppra on board to help her through her next stage of recovery. She does not have full use of her muscles yet and falls frequently. Dr. Cross stated that this may take a few weeks (more than 3) to come under control.

The bill at VAC: $3,000