Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Valporaiso Adoption Event SUCCESS!

What a great time we had in Valpo this weekend (November 10 and 11)!  There were so many people looking at dogs, cats, and items to purchase.  I sure wish we had brought more money; we could have bought some bling collars for the dogs!

Even though we do not have Chancey in Indiana yet, so many people looked at her picture and took one of our cards to get more information on her. A short-haired medium sized German Shepherd or Collie mix, she ran from animal control in Ohio all over the highway!  She narrowly escaped a semi's wheels.  Luckily, our temporary foster in Ohio has her at her home now awaiting transport to Indiana this Saturday and her foster mom, Tiffany :-)

Looking for gifts??  Check out the items at TSC in Niles this Sunday being sold by the rescues.  There are many hand-made items.