Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Laddie is in ICU!! Chipin please

Laddie the 8 month old Dorgi is in need of financial and emotional assistance!  Laddie is a Dachshund/Corgi mix from a shelter (he survived the kill list there) and is now in ICU with parvovirus.  All the prayers and donations MUST help him pull through, as he is a survivor!! He is currently being treated at Seven Oaks Veterinary in Plymouth, IN over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Donations can be sent directly to Laddie of Dream Paws Rescue; c/oSeven Oaks Vetrinary Clinic; 2664 North Oak Dr.; Plymouth, IN 46511, OR click on the PayPal button, OR go to Chipin and donate there. 

Laddie has a special place in our heart as he is one of the perfect adoptable fur babies. He is good with cats, dogs, and all ages of children.

Please help Laddie's dream come true,
Ann Pinard-Missad