Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on Faith!

Dear Faith's Followers,
Thank you for all your care, concern and donations toward Faith.
Since our first visit to MSU Faith has been receiving drops in her eyes twice daily until our next visit back to MSU on April 24th for a recheck.  I will plan to give another update after that visit, but we do know now that if she does have the surgery to remove her cataracts, it wouldn't be until she is about 8 months old.  Faith will be 4 months old on April 16th.  She has been growing like a little weed, weighing 5 lbs now.  As of yesterday, she is looking like a different little girl because she went to the groomer.  I asked that the hair around her face be cut very short so that I could get the drops in her eyes easier.
To give you some idea of what life is like for Faith each day....  Faith has her own room, and this is where she sleeps and eats, or just needs to be to keep out of trouble.  She does have 3 big brothers that would love to eat her food and play with her adorable toys, so we like to have a room for her own to keep her things safe.  However....Faith doesn't really want to be in her room unless it's bed time or nap time.  She LOVES her big brothers and wants to play with them or even just lay with them all the time.  Her favorite is Bubba - a 97 lb Doberman, second favorite is Drake - a 82 lb Retriever, and the third is the "father figure" to all others and the best dog in the world... Hogan - a 65 lb Golden Retriever and he is actually the one she loves to sleep with, and he lets her.  Two other absolute favorite things Faith loves is being outside and playing with a cap to my bottled water. 
Faith's  personality is absolutely precious!   To look at her just brings a huge smile to my face.  Her being blind has not stopped her from one second of happiness and joy.  She lives each day to the fullest!