Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exciting News at Dream Paws!

This month has been VERY exciting here at Dream Paws!  Yesterday, Cessna took off (literally... by plane!) to her new home!  Her new "Puppy Parent" is a pilot, who flew in to pick her up (he is also the one who brought her over from a shelter in Ohio).  Our latest update was that Cessna arrived safely and is playing nicely with her new Border Collie sibling!

Trooper looks like he FINALLY found his forever home!  Yeah Trooper!  So proud of your patience!

Today, Rio got to meet horses for the first time.  He thought they were interesting and did not shy away from them.  One of the horses even came down to sniff him.  It also seems that he lacks any interest in herding.

Mario is in his new foster home and adjusting wonderfully.  He loves to help his new foster mom pick up sticks in the yard and loves to meet new people!  He also told her that he needed (or wanted) a bath by getting into the bathtub by himself!

Check back soon, as we might have some new additions arriving at Dream Paws in the next few weeks!