Thursday, December 26, 2013

Medical bills

There are times that families ask us why we charge $200 to adopt out a companion and isn't that excessive?
 Our costs for vetting in itself, runs over $170. That does NOT include the heart worm prevention, intestinal parasite wormer, food,  harness, leash, or collar. Generally, our out-of-pocket expense is $300 per companion animal.

Then why don't we increase our adoption fee?
  We match the companion to the family to make sure they have a Forever Home. That is more important than covering our costs. We operate for the animals.

What happens when there is an emergency or unexpected veterinary bills?
  Since we are a small rescue, we do not have many funds in the bank account. We DO rely on donations. Unfortunately, we have had to dip into our own pockets to help save 5 dogs in 2013. Overall, that bill was more than $4,000!

Are there any medical expenses coming up?
  Yes, we have three dentals, a tumor removal, and four spays/neuters!

What about grants?
  Grants are fantastic, but they require research, time, and someone able to apply for them. Grants are very competitive and difficult to obtain.

What are some options as a volunteer?
  There are many positions a volunteer can have in our rescue!  Fund-raiser coordinator, attend events to socialize the companions as well as answer peoples' questions, follow-up phone calls on adopted out companions, photographer, website assistance, writing out thank you cards to those that have adopted and those that have donated goods as well as funds, and so much more!