Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Demise of Birds Save Adopter's Life

   One of our adopters had been experiencing headaches and nausea in her newly purchased home. Her dogs were beginning to argue with each other and sometimes even had to be separated from each other. The adopter attributed her symptoms to mold growth.
   Recently, one day after work, she came home to two of her parakeets dead at the bottom of their cage. It appeared as if they had just fallen off their perch and died. After some calls to friends, she was advised to call the fire department and gas company.
   Yes, there was a carbon monoxide leak.
   The death of her birds ultimately saved the adopter's life, her other birds, and her dogs. Her symptoms of nausea and headaches are all but gone and the dogs are getting along much better (just like they used to at their previous home).
   To all families that are experiencing behavior changes in your feline and canine friends, take a moment and check out your home's CO and CO2 levels.

Rest in Peace feathered friends