Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Saga 1

One week after Thunder came home from the emergency room (over $800 total with both offices), we took in a 6 month old Doberman puppy (Logan) on a request from a local shelter. When I went to see the puppy, he appeared timid. He definitely was not leash-trained and he didn't really show an interest in playing.

Two days later, I picked up Logan. When the vehicle began moving, he immediately vomited all over and had some loose stool. Okay, I thought maybe has was just one of those that gets carsick. At home I fed him in small amounts, but he continued to throw it up!

The next morning as he was drinking water, he bloated like a pot-bellied pig. In the crate, on the way to the vet, he continued to get sick. Once in the veterinary office, blood tests were run, a general exam, parasite exam, and a parvovirus were completed. All came back normal (well, he was a bit dehydrated). The next step was a series of x-rays. WELL, after one x-ray, the technician came in to the room and said to the vet, 'I think I know the problem'.

The x-ray was placed up on the viewer and besides an enormous amount of fluid in the stomach, there were also what appeared to be rocks!  Off to surgery Logan went.

The total bill including a night stay, tests, meds, abdominal surgery, x-rays, and antibiotics...

We are blessed to have a wonderful veterinarian that keeps the prices low and helps us out when we need to pay a day or two later, BUT our bills in February and March have already exceeded $3200.  We need donations!

Making Dreams Come True,