Saturday, June 23, 2012

Barkin' at WalMart with Purina!

Sara and Ruger enjoyed a semi-hot day at WalMart in Elkhart today.  The event was hosted by Purina who handed out free bandanas, bracelets, and balloons. For those rescues that participated, Purina gave coupons for Purina foods.

Ruger participated well by showing off his sit (when he wasn't focused on the dogs next to him!) and yipping once in a while to get more people to come over to the tents. Congratualtions Sneha on his training!

Sara was shy at first, but really warmed up to quite a few people as they came up to the pen.  She appeared to especially like one gentleman that could not adopt her due to his schedule.  Ah well, we will find the perfect family for her soon.