Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ivy sits waiting....

Our Sweet Ms. Ivy has been waiting a long time for her perfect home.  See, sweet Ivy isn't perfect.  She has some flaws, she knows this, we know this.. but we also know that she will make someone a FABULOUS pet.  Where, oh where, could Ivy's forever home be??  She would make a GREAT pet for an older couple.. or a family with older children...  She would love to be the "dog child" of a couple, or the beloved companion of a single person.

We wonder day after day why Ivy has not been adopted...  We know that most black dogs get overlooked because they are common.  But our Ivy is anything but common!  She is special to us!  We also know that our Ivy doesn't like to be hugged... but she still wants affection.  She would love to cuddle with you on the couch and have you give sweet pets on her head.

Let's see if we can get our Ivy adopted this month!  She deserves to have a family of her own!!