Monday, March 5, 2012

I saved my Foster Mom!

 While my foster mom went out to get the mail, she placed me on the zip-line so I wouldn't follow her out to the road, but could keep an eye on her.  In the distance, I heard a strange noise and barked at her to tell her I didn't like the noise.  My foster mom wasn't listening!  I strained,pulled, barked some more, and eventually pulled my collar over my head- setting me free.  I ran to my foster mom, pushed her against the mailbox, grabbed her boot in my teeth and tried to pull her back to the house.
 I know she was frightened, but I had to get her off of the road away from the scary noise. Just as I pulled her off of the road, a propane tanker came barreling down the street right where my foster mom was standing!!!  The trucker got out and apologized.  He hadn't seen my foster mom  AT ALL.  It scares me to think what would have happened if I couldn't have gotten her away from that horrible noise.