Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Malaki from Indianapolis

Coming soon will be the CUTEST little boy you have ever seen.  He was found in the streets outside of Indianapolis. After being taken to a veterinarian to see if he had a microchip (he did not), the veterinarian began putting in a phone call to the local pound to have him picked up!  Luckily, word spread fast and a local rescuer pulled him from the veterinarian's office and held him at her home until he could be transported up to us (his previous home has not been located).
Malaki (My Angel) is a 4 1/2 month old male Whippet mix. He gets along with dogs, cats,and all humans.  His foster mom is presently working on housebreaking and Basic Manners. His first night he did get into the kitties' litter box for 'tootsie rolls'.  Ewwww...
We are hoping to get a DNA testing company to donate a kit or kits to us for those fur babies that have a mom and/or dad that don't leave calling cards. This will help clarify breeds to families that are interested in the possible pedigrees of their new companions. Individuals can also donate to the Paypal button on the Sponsor link on the front page to assist us in purchasing the DNA kits!

Coming soon: pictures of Malaki